About Us

Sphere Resources makes sourcing and procurement in China easy. Since 2009, we have helped hundreds of western businesses develop and manufacture their products in China and Southeast Asia.

One-Stop Shop

Our mission is to be a one-stop shop for your business sourcing and offshore needs in Asia, enabling you to simplify your business processes and concentrate on your core business.

Trade Facilitation Services in Asia | Sphere Resources

Our Story

Sphere Resources was founded in 2009 by Australian Sam Clay and Christina Wong in Dongguan, China. Their vision was to bridge the gap between Western companies and Chinese manufacturers.

They accomplished this by locating Sphere Resources in the heart of south China manufacturing and building a highly competent international team that could communicate effectively with both Chinese factories and Western corporations.

By The Numbers

We’ve served clients from around the world across a vast number of industries. There’s a reason clients continue to come back to us and refer others to our services and we like to let the numbers speak for themselves.

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We started from humble beginnings and continued to maximize our skills, experiences, and partnerships to serve you better with your business needs.

Wide Expertise

Our diverse experience includes sourcing all manner of products, raw materials, and machinery, working with clients on massive human resources projects, and warehousing and dropshipping all manner of items.

Continuous Expansion

Starting with just a few clients in a small apartment, Sphere now serves hundreds of clients from our newly renovated 720m head office in Dongguan, China.

Making Impact

Our team is especially proud of our work during the Covid-19 pandemic where we helped hospitals, clinics, and organizations throughout Germany, the US, and Australia procure much-needed PPE.

Bridging Cultural & Language Gaps

Our team’s experience and location allow them to smoothly navigate the complex cultural and legal barriers that trouble so many companies outside of China. And, in a country where relationships mean everything, we’ve built a network of close contacts with suppliers throughout all of Asia allowing for more flexible business deals and better pricing. 
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Meet Our Founders

Sphere Resources was founded with the goal of closing the industry gaps between Chinese manufacturers and western businesses. These people are the brain behind the company’s success.

Christina Wong

Christina Wong

Director - Production Manager

Christina Wong

Christina Wong is a native of Heyuan, Guangdong, China about two hours from Sphere Resource’s headquarters in Dongguan. Christina finished her university education at Changsha Foreign Language University with a degree in International Trade.

Christina is well-known in the trade industry where she’s established key relationships with suppliers throughout China. Christina’s knowledge of four languages allows her to communicate easily with factory managers, Western companies, and local businesses. Her passion is creating a work environment where employees are empowered to grow and develop.

In her free time, Christina enjoys cooking, spending time with her family, and hiking.

Sam Clay

Sam Clay originally came to China in 2006 and had been living there ever since. Sam finished his degree in International Trade and Finance at the Victorian University of Technology in Footscray, Australia

Sam believes in the value of trust and respect in business dealings and with his staff. Sam has tried to create a family environment at both Sphere Resources and Sphere Sport where everyone is treated equally and empowered to have a fruitful life outside of work. He attributes most of his success to the teaching power of mistakes and the opportunities that arise from the ashes of failure.

In his off time, Sam enjoys competing in endurance-running competitions throughout Asia. Sam is an avid reader and loves documentaries. He is especially passionate about new sustainable energies and technologies.

Sam Clay

Sam Clay

Director - Sales Manager

Sphere Sport

Our sister company Sphere Sport manufactures high-quality teamwear and bespoke apparel for brands, organizations, and retail outlets in the UK, US, and Australia.

Trade Facilitation Services in Asia | Sphere Resources
One of our areas of expertise is high-end bespoke athletic apparel. Many of our earliest clients were athletic brands in search of apparel factories, promotional items, and athletic gear. After 10 years of sourcing these items, it became clear that we had the knowledge and expertise to manufacture them for cheaper and at a higher quality. In 2019, Sphere Sport was formed with several experienced team members brought on to help run the factory and business.

Sphere Sport primarily serves athletic apparel brands in the UK, Australia, and the US along with a small number of club teams, schools, and other organizations. In 2021, Sphere Sport moved its operations into a brand new 2400m factory producing all manner of athletic apparel and gear, along with promotional items. 

Sublimation Dry-Fit Soccer Uniform

Our Factory

We’ve invested in cutting-edge production machinery to ensure professional-grade quality in every garment.