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Sphere Resources mission is to excel across all areas of international trade and to be a one-stop shop for your offshore business needs. One of our primary areas of expertise is sourcing and procurement. We’ve have relationships with a wide range of factories and suppliers and can quickly find manufacturers that meet your requirements. 

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Why Use a Sourcing Agent? ​
Finding a quality supplier abroad can be an overwhelming undertaking without experience and resources. There are mounds of confusing paperwork, language and cultural barriers, hours verifying suppliers and negotiating prices, and still, there is uncertainty about your recourse if anything goes wrong.

Using an on-the-ground sourcing agent allows you to save time and frustration so you can focus on your core business. Additionally, sourcing agents can potentially save you thousands by helping you avoid common pitfalls, troubleshoot problems, and negotiate on your behalf with suppliers. 


Why Use Sphere Resources?
Sphere Resources has been sourcing from China and Southeast Asia for over 15 years. We’ve sourced everything from farm machinery to coffee cups, along with everything in-between. Our experience allows us to see through pricing scams, verify quality suppliers, as well as use our large network of relationships throughout the region to best serve your company’s needs. 

With headquarters in Dongguan, China, we are able to quickly resolve issues in person on equal terms due to our legal standing as a Chinese company.

Our international staff of Australian and Chinese sourcing agents allow us to understand your needs and concerns and communicate them clearly to local suppliers.

Trade Facilitation Offerings

In addition to sourcing, we offer other offshore services to further simplify your offshore processes with logistics support including consolidation services, sea and air freight forwarding, dropshipping, and warehouse, along with graphic design and payment management services. We’ll work with you to create a custom service plan that meets your company’s situation. 



Key Relationships

Through our 15 years of sourcing in Asia, we’ve developed a considerable network of relationships in every industry which give our clients an edge when placing orders.

Free & Fast Quotes

Our team can quickly find quotes for the products you need from a factory that meets your requirements.

Wide Experience

We’ve sourced everything from farm machinery to sports apparel to coffee cups. Our experience allows us to meet your exact specifications and give helpful advice.

End-to-End Service

We’ll work with you to find creative solutions for your products and to meet your target price points, while also providing logistics, design, and quality control support.