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Product Development

We offer product development in China providing design resources, product prototyping, material consultations, and packaging development. 

eco product and custom packaging for product development in China

Eco-Product & Packaging Solutions

With extensive experience in sustainable products and materials across various products and industries, we’re well-positioned to help your brand develop green products and packaging.

Our team is continually updated on the latest advancements in green technologies and materials. Whether you are a brand focused on eco-friendly initiatives or seeking to enhance the sustainability of your products, our expertise is at your service to meet your needs.

Product Certification

Secure smooth market entry and compliance with our certification support.

Aside from product development we can also navigate the complex certification landscape, ensuring your product meets all required standards and troubleshooting any potential roadblocks. Failure to comply with essential certifications can lead to legal complications and market-entry delays, hindering your product launch and eroding trust.

Product Certification

Custom Packaging Development

Benefit from our advanced custom product packaging expertise.

We craft visually appealing packages using cutting-edge printing and material technologies, perfectly tailored to showcase your products. With our guidance, ensure that your product’s first impression resonates with customers and stands out in the market, avoiding generic, ineffective packaging.

graphics team for product and custom packaging

In-House Graphic Design Team

Our in-house graphic design team is ready to serve your unique product and custom packaging needs.

Unlike others, we won’t charge extra for development. From packaging to marketing graphics, we mold your ideas into tangible success, avoiding the costs and delays of outsourcing, and ensuring a cohesive brand image.

Mould Development Consultation

For your product development our skilled German mould engineer transforms your design concepts into tangible products.

From concept to creation, we ensure quality, precision, and your complete satisfaction in developing IML containers. With our expertise and quality control system, you can avoid common manufacturing errors, costly revisions, and ensure a timely, smooth production process.

Mould and product development in China
apparel manufacturing

Apparel Manufacturing

Utilize our in-house factory for top-tier custom apparel, manufactured to your exact needs and brand requirements. We specialize in high-quality sportswear and custom uniforms. 

High-Quality Print Management

After branding thousands of diverse items across industries, we have the experience to ensure your product maintains quality standards. Trust our unmatched print expertise to preserve your brand integrity.

Print management
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