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One-Stop Shop

Sphere Resources mission is to excel across all areas of international trade and to be a one-stop shop for your offshore business needs. Our experienced team in China is able to provide you with an individualized level of service according to your business requirements. 

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Our Services

Our main goal is for you to gain control of your product designs and manufacturing by providing a bridge to Chinese manufacturing and providing design-to-delivery support.

Source & Supply

We specialize in sourcing and procurement in China which helps you reduce your vendors from double-digits to one.

Quality Control

We understand that your business depends on the quality of its products. We have a competent quality control team to check everything for you.

Factory Audits

We perform a comprehensive inspection and audit reports to help you reduce financial risk and questionable sustainable practices.


We provide sea and air freight shipping services, providing you with advice on the best options given your price and time demands.


We want to increase your profit margin while unlocking product customization and offshore solutions to solve your business’s needs.

Source and Supply

Sourcing is at the core of what we do. We’ve helped hundreds of companies, big and small, develop all manner of products. Learn more about Sphere’s advantage below.

Sphere Advantages

Since 2009, Sphere Resources has helped hundreds of western businesses develop and manufacture their products in China and Southeast Asia. 

Key Relationships

Through our 15 years of sourcing in Asia, we’ve developed a considerable network of relationships in every industry which give our clients an edge when placing orders.

Wide Experience

We’ve sourced everything from farm machinery to sports apparel to coffee cups. Our experience allows us to meet your exact specifications and give helpful advice.

Free & Fast Quotes

Our team can quickly find quotes for the products you need from a factory that meets your requirements.

End-to-End Service

We’ll work with you to find creative solutions for your products and to meet your target price points, while also providing logistics, design, and quality control support. 

Perishable Factory Audit

Sphere Resources’ experienced inspectors are able to perform social compliance, manufacturing, environmental, and structural audits, helping you minimize risks and engage in ethical and sustainable business practices.

Quality Control & Factory Audits

Because of our China office’s location, we are able to provide hands-on quality control inspections to verify product quality, quantity, and packaging before your goods ship and final payment is made to the factory. 

Sphere Advantages

With our competent staff and resources, we take pride in our proven expertise and years of experience in providing topnotch services to address clients’ needs.

Strategic Location

With our headquarters located in the heart of Chinese manufacturing, we are only a few hours away from most factories.

Years of Experience

Our experience has enabled us to quickly identify red flags and common pitfalls when inspecting factories.

Help Your Factory Pass Inspection

If you already have a factory that needs to pass an audit or obtain certification, we'll work with them to make sure they get it.

Superior Communication

Our international staff makes it easier to make your needs understood and communicate effectively.

Regular Inspections

We can simplify your quality control processes by automatically performing your required QC on a regular schedule.

Highly-Detailed Reports

Our reports have been refined over years of QC in a wide range of industries to ensure you have the information you need.


Managing logistics in China can be a frustrating and confusing enterprise. That’s why so many companies let us handle it for them.

Sea & Air Freight

We provide sea and air freight shipping services with all terms from EXW to DAP, along with providing you with advice on the best options given your price and time demands.

We’ll negotiate directly with shipping companies and freight forwarders to make sure there are no hidden charges, overpriced rates, or unfavourable terms. We also benefit from the sheer volume that we ship and are able to give you rates not otherwise available. 

Consolidation Services​

In addition to standard shipping, we also provide consolidation services enabling you to send goods from multiple suppliers in China to a central loading point in order to maximize freight cost efficiencies. 

Warehousing & Dropshipping

Looking to store your goods cheaply and securely in China? We’ll help make that happen and arrange for them to be sent as soon as they’re needed. This allows you to restock quickly where you need it most without needing to wait for long production times or pay high in-country storage fees.

Avoid paying multiple duty fees by shipping directly from our warehouses. Our staff will pick up and pack your products and process orders directly from your website.

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Sphere Advantages

Our passion to serve you drives us to provide tailored services that will surely benefit your business.

Utilize Our Pricing

Because we ship so much quantity, we have the lowest possible rates on all types of freight.

Bespoke Service

One size does not fit all with logistics and we help find creative solutions that meet your specific needs.

Insider Knowledge

Receive up to date information from inside China on shipping times, best methods of transport, and other tips.

payment consolidation

Payment Consolidation​

Tired of high transfer and currency conversion costs? Let us handle your out-of-country payments for you, saving you on fees and time. Pay us one lump sum payment, and we’ll handle distribution to all your suppliers. 


At Sphere Resources, we understand the importance of logistics. We also know that finding creative solutions and negotiating competitive rates can be difficult and time-consuming. That’s why we’re here to help. Our experience in the industry allows us to negotiate aggressively on your behalf, ensuring that you get the best possible rates.

Thanks to the volume of shipments that we handle, we have priority pricing and access to strategic partnerships that provide a competitive edge for both sea and air freight. So whether you’re shipping domestically or internationally, you can rest assured that Sphere Resources will find a solution that meets your needs and fits your budget.

Product Development

Develop your next product using the resources of Sphere including:
free in-house graphic team

Human Resources

Are you looking to develop a China office or offshore one of your departments? We offer the following services: