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    Asian Trade Faciliation Services

    Simplify Your Sourcing and Offshoring Needs

    one stop shop trade services

    End-to-End Trade Solutions

    Simplify your Asian business procurement processes with Sphere Resources’ one-stop shop of trade services including sourcing, logistics, payment management, quality control, and more. 


    Our Services

    Source & Supply

    Our on the ground team helps you take the risk out of sourcing ensuring your product specifications are met and production proceeds smoothly.

    QC & Factory Audits

    Reduce your risks with on-the-ground Sphere Resources’ quality control inspections and factory audits.


    Save time with simplified, cost-competitive shipping solutions, including consolidation and dropshipping services from China.

    Consulting & Offshoring

    Take advantage of our offshore resources including graphic design, product development, China office set-up, and HR services.

    Our Advantages

    Why Choose Sphere Resources?

    Australian Founder

    One of the most common problems Western companies encounter when working with factories and sourcing agents is miscommunication coming from language and cultural barriers. Sam’s presence in China allows him to clear up miscues quickly and better meet your company’s needs. 

    Supply Chain Network

    Relationships are key in business. Nowhere is this truer than in Asia. Over the years, Sphere’s sourcing team has developed trust with key suppliers throughout China and Southeast Asia. This enables us to give you the best prices and terms and negotiate effectively on your behalf.

    Scope of Experience

    After 15 years of product sourcing and international trade, Sphere Resources has sourced everything from workout equipment to consumables to PPE. We pride ourselves on the diversity of our experience which enables us to make proactive suggestions to our clients and customise our services to meet each clients needs. 

    China Office

    With headquarters in Dongguan, China, our offices are situated in the heart of southern China manufacturing and within a couple of hours drive from the major ports in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. Because of our location, we are able to quickly resolve issues with factories, perform QC checks, and provide a variety of other services. 

    Why Trust Us?

    By the Numbers

    We’ve served clients from around the world across a vast number of industries. There’s a reason clients continue to come back to us and refer others to our services and we like to let the numbers speak for themselves. 

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    Sphere Resources

    About Us

    Sphere Resources was founded in 2009 by Australian Sam Clay and Christina Wong in Dongguan, China. Their vision was to bridge the gap between Western companies and Chinese manufacturers. 

    They accomplished this through locating Sphere Resources in the heart of south China manufacturing and by building a highly competent international team able to communicate effectively both with Chinese factories and Western corporations. 

    About Us

    Meet Our Founders

    Explore a World of Possibilities with Sphere

    Contact us directly with any questions, concerns, or to get started with one of our services. We’ll respond to all inquires within 1 business day and will do everything we can to meet your company’s needs.