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Disposable Paper Boats OEM for Hotdog, Sushi, Fries & Other Food

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  • Durable Construction: Our paper food boats are crafted from high-quality 320gsm kraft paper, ensuring sturdiness and reliability for food packaging in your business.
  • Oil and Water Resistant: We offer oil and water-resistant food boats that are specially designed to meet the needs of businesses in the food industry.
  • Choose the Perfect Size: We understand that businesses in the food industry have unique serving requirements. That’s why we offer a range of versatile paper boats, designed specifically to meet the needs of your business.
  • Convenient Packaging Quantities: Our food boats are available in convenient packaging quantities of 45000pcs (50ctns), 30000pcs (50ctns), and 15000pcs (50ctns), allowing you to easily manage your inventory and restock as needed. MOQ for customized printed cartons is 100 ctns for each design.
  • Efficient Carton Packing: Each carton contains 300pcs, 600pcs, or 900pcs, providing you with efficient packaging solutions that save space and reduce shipping costs.
  • Certified and Compliant: Our Paper Food Boats are certified with various standards, including OK Compost, Austria Home, Austria Industrial, BPI, FSCC128563, BRCA, EUTR COMPLIANT, and Flustix Plastic-Free, ensuring quality and compliance with regulations.
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Streamline Your Food Packaging with Paper Food Boats

When it comes to food packaging solutions, paper food boats are a versatile and sustainable option. At Sphere Resources, we specialize in sourcing high-quality paper boats that are not only environmentally friendly but also meet the needs of businesses looking to provide convenient and eco-conscious food packaging solutions.

With our expertise in sourcing and our commitment to sustainable practices, we can help you navigate the process of acquiring these eco-friendly food packaging solutions with ease and efficiency.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Packaging Solutions

As businesses around the world strive to reduce their environmental impact, the demand for eco-friendly packaging solutions has grown significantly. Paper food boats are an excellent choice for businesses seeking sustainable alternatives to traditional food packaging materials.

Our paper food boats are made from kraft paper, which is sourced from responsibly managed forests and is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. By opting for paper food boats, you can minimize your carbon footprint and demonstrate your commitment to environmental responsibility.

In addition to their eco-friendly nature, our paper food boats are designed to be sturdy and durable, ensuring that your food remains secure during transportation and consumption.

Customizable and Versatile Packaging Options

At Sphere Resources, we understand that businesses have unique branding and packaging requirements. That’s why we offer customizable options for our paper boats to help you showcase your brand and create a memorable customer experience. Our paper food boats can be customized with your logo, branding elements, and unique designs to align with your brand identity.

By incorporating your brand visuals, you can enhance brand recognition and leave a lasting impression. Furthermore, our paper food boats are available in various sizes to accommodate a wide range of food items for your business needs.

Paper Food Boats Efficient Packaging Quantities

As a business owner, managing inventory and ensuring a seamless supply chain is crucial. At Sphere Resources, we offer paper food boats in convenient packaging quantities to meet your specific requirements. With options such as 45000pcs (50ctns), 30000pcs (50ctns), and 15000pcs (50ctns), you can easily manage your inventory and restock as needed.

Our efficient packaging quantities ensure that you have an adequate supply of paper boats to meet the demands of your business without excess storage or waste. By partnering with Sphere Resources, you can optimize your packaging procurement process and focus on other essential aspects of your business, knowing that you have a reliable sourcing agent supporting your needs.

Professional Sourcing Services

At Sphere Resources, we pride ourselves on being a trusted China sourcing agent, catering to businesses that require high-quality food packaging solutions. Our professional sourcing services are designed to simplify the process of acquiring paper boats and other eco-friendly packaging options. We understand the unique challenges faced by businesses that manufacture and resell food products.

With our extensive network of reliable suppliers, we can connect you with trusted manufacturers who can meet your specific requirements in terms of quality, quantity, and customization. As your sourcing partner, we ensure transparent and efficient communication, providing regular updates on the progress of your order and addressing any concerns or inquiries promptly. Trust Sphere Resources to deliver exceptional value and results, helping you thrive in today’s competitive market.

We are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and building long-term partnerships based on trust and mutual success. Unlock the full potential of your business with Sphere Resources. Explore the comprehensive suite of services and discover how our expertise in supply chain management, tailored procurement solutions, and strategic consulting can propel your operations to new heights.

Why Choose Sphere Resources for Your Disposable Paper Packaging Needs?

When it comes to sourcing eco-friendly and customizable paper food boats, Sphere Resources is your reliable partner. We combine our expertise in sourcing, our commitment to sustainability, and our dedication to customer satisfaction to deliver outstanding packaging solutions. Trust Sphere Resources as your China sourcing agent and unlock the full potential of your food packaging endeavors.

Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and let us help you streamline your sourcing process, elevate your brand with eco-friendly packaging, and exceed your customers’ expectations.

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