Logistics Needs

Logistics in Asia presents a number of challenges to Western companies. Often, freight forwarders and suppliers take advantage of the combined complexity and ambiguity of importing and add in a number of unnecessary fees making your company pay more than it should.

Our experience allows us to negotiate aggressively on your behalf to ensure you get the best rates possible. Because of the volume that we ship, we have priority pricing and strategic partnerships that provide competitive advantages for both sea and air freight.

Payment Management

Businesses with multiple suppliers and vendors in China know how expensive it can be to pay multiple international wire and currency conversion fees each month. This is why we offer payment consolidation services where you pay us one lump sum and we distribute payment to your suppliers using our Chinese bank accounts. This not only saves you money but simplifies your business processes.

Sea & Air Freight

We provide sea and air freight shipping services with all terms from EXW to DAP, along with providing you with advice on the best options given your price and time demands.

We’ll negotiate directly with shipping companies and freight forwarders to make sure there are no hidden charges, overpriced rates, or unfavorable terms. We also benefit from the sheer volume that we ship and are able to give you rates not otherwise available. 

Our Services

We offer flexible short, medium, or long-term China-based warehousing so you can save on in-country warehouse costs and send your inventory where you need it when you need it. Our offerings include:

Warehousing Options

You can choose standard or bonded warehousing depending on your business needs. This not only saves you money and space but also streamlines your business processes.


We offer Ecommerce & other dropshipping fulfilment solutions so you can effortlessly scale up or down as you need, eliminating the guesswork of managing inventory levels by relying upon an experienced logistics partner.

Pick and pack, value-added services

With our wide range of services, we want to take care of it all so you can focus solely on what's important, which is growing sales with as little hassle as possible.

Sphere Advantages

We take pride in our proven expertise and years of experience in providing topnotch services to address clients’ needs. We want to see you grow by taking advantage of our established industry edge.

Located in China

Our location in China allows us to talk with shippers easily over the phone and during their business hours. We're always up to date on current shipping conditions and can give you up-to-the-minute information.

Utilize Our Rates

Because of the sheer volume that we ship, we have great rates on both SEA and AIR freight. As our client, you'll get to benefit from these rates.

Negotiate Shippers for You

Shippers in China can often give you long and confusing invoices, which leave you unsure of what you are paying for and how much you should be paying. We know what it should cost and can negotiate great deals for you on large orders.

Individualized Solutions

Whether you are shipping from multiple locations or have items finishing production at different times that you want to send together, we'll consider all aspects of your situation and create tailored solutions just for you.