Personal Protective Equipment

Highest Quality PPE

Sphere Resources has been sourcing personal protective equipment since the beginning of the pandemic. One reason our clients trust us is because of our thorough screening of each product we source. Along with performing inspections of each PPE factory and third-party verification of all certificates, we put each product through vigorous testing. 

personal protective equipment ppe covid-19

PPE Offerings

In addition to the following products, we also provide sourcing services to find and/or develop the items you need according to your specifications.

Reusable Masks & Gaitors

Through our sister company, Sphere Sport, we are able to manufacture bespoke sublimation reusable masks with filter inserts granting 3 layers of protection, along with sublimation neck gaiters. Our sublimation printing technology means that every part of the outside of the mask can be designed with unlimited colors and detail. Custom logo masks can be great gifts for your employees and clients.

personal protective equipment ppe covid-19
personal protective equipment ppe covid-19

Vetted Products

All of the PPE we source undergoes a thorough vetting process. The items are testing for effectiveness and durability both by our staff and often in third-party labs. Additionally, we inspect each factory to ensure quality and consistency. Lastly, we verify every certification and look into the factory’s standing with healthcare authorities.

Logistics Support

Our location inside China allows us to advise you on the best shipping methods according to your needs and budget. We also are able to negotiate freight costs on your behalf and consolidate products to save on costs. Our clients can take advantage of our low rates with FedEx as well.

personal protective equipment ppe covid-19

Product Design

If you need your PPE packaging or products branded or changed in any way to better meet your needs, we specialize in OEM manufacturing and offer free product development services. This includes consultations with our team, sample checking, and free graphic design support.

Customized Service

Our customized services allow our clients to own take advantage of owning the product with their branding specifications.

personal protective equipment ppe covid-19

Strategic Location

Our strategic location inside China allows us to offer a wide range of customized services including designing your own packaging for PPE, product consolidation, freight negotiation, quality control, among others. 

Inquiry Process

We offer free consultation and sample quotes to thoroughly assess your business needs.

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Sphere Advantages

With our competent staff and resources, we take pride in our proven expertise and years of experience in providing top-notch services to address clients’ needs.

Key Relationships

Through our 15 years of sourcing in Asia, we’ve developed a considerable network of relationships in every industry which give our clients an edge when placing orders.

Wide Experience

We’ve sourced everything from farm machinery to sports apparel to coffee cups. Our experience allows us to meet your exact specifications and give helpful advice.

International Team

Our international staff of Australian and Chinese sourcing agents allow us to understand your needs and concerns and communicate them clearly to local suppliers.

Free & Fast Quotes

Our team can quickly find quotes for the products you need from a factory that meets your requirements.

End-to-End Service

We’ll work with you to find creative solutions for your products and to meet your target price points, while also providing logistics, design, and quality control support. 

Strategic Location

With our headquarters located in the heart of Chinese manufacturing, we are only a few hours away from most factories.

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We offer free consultation and sample quotes to start guiding you along the way.