Chocolate Packaging

Product & Design Development Support

Our experienced team of sourcing agents and designers will work with your product requirements to develop your ideal banner or display system. Our network of factories and OEM sourcing experience make anything possible when it comes to production. We also provide free access to our graphic design team during projects.

Product Consolidation

Product consolidation helps us offer substantial savings to our customers while also allowing them greater customization and control over their products.

Strategic Location

Our strategic location inside China allows us to manage the logistics of consolidating multiple manufactured goods in a single location for final packing.

Logistics Support

In addition to product consolidation, we offer logistics support including freight negotiation, access to our low rates through Fedex, and advanced arrangements as required.

High-Quality Print Management

We’ve branded thousands of items of all shapes, materials, and sizes. Our expertise when it comes to printing is unmatched. We’ll go into each prospective factory and ensure they have the capabilities and knowledge to maintain your standards throughout production.

Bespoke Service

Your company’s sourcing and offshore needs are unique. We’ll work with you to create a service plan that covers all of your needs, allowing you to spend more time on your core business.

Quality Control

Our location inside China allows us to perform quality control checks on your goods at various stages of production so what is shipped is what you agreed to with the factory.

Production Design

While other companies may charge new product development fees, we do not. We’ll work with your requirements, no matter how complex, to create a display system that meets your needs.

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Inquiry Process

We offer free consultation and sample quotes to thoroughly assess your business needs.

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Email us or fill out our contact form with your chocolate packaging product requirements and any questions you might have. 


We'll get back to you with some information and answer your questions. 

Schedule a Call

We can arrange a call if needed to go through any fine details. After this, we'll start developing your packaging. 

Sphere Advantages

With our competent staff and resources, we take pride in our proven expertise and years of experience in providing topnotch services to address clients’ needs.

Key Relationships

Through our 15 years of sourcing in Asia, we’ve developed a considerable network of relationships in every industry which give our clients an edge when placing orders.

Wide Experience

We’ve sourced everything from farm machinery to sports apparel to coffee cups. Our experience allows us to meet your exact specifications and give helpful advice.

International Team

Our international staff of Australian and Chinese sourcing agents allow us to understand your needs and concerns and communicate them clearly to local suppliers.

Free & Fast Quotes

Our team can quickly find quotes for the products you need from a factory that meets your requirements.

End-to-End Service

We’ll work with you to find creative solutions for your products and to meet your target price points, while also providing logistics, design, and quality control support. 

Strategic Location

With our headquarters located in the heart of Chinese manufacturing, we are only a few hours away from most factories.

Contact Us for a Free Quote

We offer free consultation and sample quotes to start guiding you along the way.