Quality Control &
Factory Audits

One-Stop Shop

Sphere Resources mission is to excel across all areas of international trade and to be a one-stop shop for your offshore business needs. Our experienced team in China is able to provide you with an individualized level of service according to your business requirements. 

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Quality Control Services in China​

Today, China is Asia’s major manufacturing powerhouse and a prime sourcing destination for brands and retailers worldwide. Globally, “made in China” is no longer always synonymous with poor quality, but effective quality control mechanisms remain a priority for any business looking to secure its supply chain.

With offices in mainland China and Hong Kong, Sphere Resources is able to deliver fast quality control solutions to ensure your products continue to be produced at a high level. 

Perishable Factory Audit

Sphere Resources’ experienced inspectors are able to perform social compliance, manufacturing, environmental, and structural audits, helping you minimize risks and engage in ethical and sustainable business practices.

Expert Inspectors

We can work with the factories you already have relationships with to pass certifications required by your local governing bodies.

Benefits of Using
Quality Control Services


Ensure consistent quality according to your specifications and make adjustments as needed before products are shipped. 

Reduce Financial Risk

Reduce financial risks by auditing factories and checking products during production and/or before shipping.


Obtain a comprehensive profile of Chinese factories before signing a contract.

Ensure Ethical Standards

Check that suppliers meet your expectations for sustainability and meet international standards for social & ethical compliance. 

Lab Testing in China

Our network of locally-based labs and staff can support you in gaining FDA, CE, and other certifications. Our experience and connections allow us to streamline the certification process enabling you to deliver new products to your customers faster. 

Sphere Advantages

We were built to bridge the gap between Western businesses and Chinese factories. Sphere Resources is committed to make manufacturing your product in China more accessible.

Transparent Pricing

We always honour our quotes with no price changes after order confirmation or hidden fees.

Fast Turnaround

Our Chinese office location allows us to act fast as well as fix any issues that occur as quickly as possible.

Great Customer Service

Our experienced staff will be there at every step of the process to answer any questions you have and offer advice on how best to proceed.

Comprehensive Reports

Our detailed inspections and audits cover every possible item, giving you the information to make informed decisions and rest easy.