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Consulting & Offshoring Services

Consulting &
Offshoring Services

Asian Trade Services

Sphere's Mission​

Sphere Resources mission is to excel across all areas of international trade and to be a one-stop shop for your offshore business needs. If you aren’t sure what exactly you need, our experienced team will walk you through your options according to your requirements. 

We are able to provide an individualized level of care and customization unmatched by our competitors. 


Payment Management
Businesses with multiple suppliers and vendors in China know how expensive it can be paying multiple international wire and currency conversion fees each month. This is why we offer payment consolidation services where you pay us one lump sum and we distribute payment to your suppliers using our Chinese bank accounts. This not only saves you money, but simplifies your business processes.


Product Development
Take advantage of our product design experience and resources. We are pleased to offer the following services to help with your next new product:

  • Graphic design
  • Routing point for checking samples 
  • Mould development and management
  • Packaging design and consultation 


China Office &
HR Services
We offer a wide variety of HR and representative offices services including:

  • Free office space in our Dongguan office for ongoing projects
  • HR recruitment of skill-specific personnel to handle their work and represent the client formally
  • China office set-up and legal registration
  • Providing a Chinese office address and phone number for your company


General Consulting
Does your project have unique and specific requirements? Contact us below with your project requirements and we’ll help you find creative solutions.

Initial briefings and advice will be provided without charge. Having issues with a current supplier? We can negotiate on your behalf, directly person to person. Our experience helps us to navigate through common pitfalls, and strategic challenges, including:

  • Supplier Price and contract negotiations
  • Dispute negotiations and mitigation
  • Key Project Management


Experience & Expertise

Through our 15 years of sourcing and offshoring in Asia, we’ve worked with a wide-variety of industries and projects allowing us to suggest creative solutions for your company.

Individualized Service

One size does not fit all and we don't expect it to. We listen closely to your needs and requirements and use our vast experience to create a plan just for you.

Australian Staff in China

Unlike most competitors who are either based outside of China or don't fully understand Western culture, Sphere has Australian staff working out of China which streamlines communication and allows us to better meet your needs.

Free Consultations

Offshoring a major project in China can be overwhelming and confusing. If you simply want advice to see if our services would meet your needs, we would be happy to talk with you free of charge.