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Entry Requirements to China With a Visa | November 2021

Entry Requirements for China in Nov 2021

For those who have already received a valid new visa to China but are feeling confused about the process to enter the country, we’ve compiled this post to break down the process. 

If you still need to apply for a Chinese visa, check out our previous post detailing what options are available to you as of November 2021.

Flight Booking Advice

China prefers that you take a direct flight to China to avoid more points of exposure. If none is available, you still have options but need to check Chinese policy for each transfer city close to the departure date. 

Additionally, the prevailing advice right now is to book your flights directly with the airlines you wish to fly with. Although this will cost more, it will save you time in case of cancellation or other issues you need to talk to the airline directly about. Airlines won’t talk to those that have booked through travel agents and may not communicate on time to third-party booking companies. 

Pre-Flight Requirements for Chinese Visa Holders

From December of 2020, travelers must complete PCR NAT and IgM antibody tests in their departure city. The PRC Embassy website maintains a list of approved labs that you must use.

Additionally, you must obtain a negative Covid-19 test within 48 hours of boarding your flight. 

What to Expect from Quarantine in China

After landing, be prepared for a multiple (up to 12) hour wait to get to your assigned quarantine hotel. This includes a 2-3 hour wait on the plane itself and then multiple hours of moving from place to place as you’re tested and processed. 

How long you have to quarantine depends on the city. It’s usually between 2-3 weeks. It’s commonplace for it to be 2 weeks at an assigned hotel then the final week at home if you have a fixed address. If not, it will be 3 weeks at the hotel. 

Be prepared to cover the costs of your quarantine which can range from 300-600 RMB ($47-$94) per day. As mentioned earlier, you won’t have a choice of a hotel and likely won’t have a choice in what you eat each day. However, some hotels allow you to order delivery from outside. 

When will Chinese Borders Fully Reopen?

At the present moment, there’s no clear plan to return to normal. China has operated on a “zero-case” policy with intense restrictions on cities and communities when someone tests positive for Covid-19. Because of this, within China, life has been mostly back to normal since mid-2020.  

An interview with a leading Chinese infectious disease official, Zhong Nanshan, outlined in a recent Fortune article, seems to point to an eventual move away from the current “zero-case” policy. 

Zhong reiterated the plan to hit the 80-85% vaccination threshold, a goal that is within a couple of months reach, and the understanding that the financial costs of the zero-case policy may not be sustainable for the long-term. However, there have been no concrete announcements about when China will reopen to the world. 

China’s government also recently announced that it will not welcome foreign spectators for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, which are scheduled to start in February. Whether or not this has any implications for other visa seekers is hard to say.

Need to Enter China for Business?

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